Here are what Harriet's clients are saying about her:

"Harriet is a joy to have lessons with! She always brings enthusiasm and energy to her lessons. She has a knack of being able to get you to do things that you are convinced you can't! She is equally experienced across all three disciplines which is extremely useful! Harriet makes you feel like you and your horse/pony are the only two things that matter for the duration of the lesson and will spend extra time with you if needed. What may seem like a huge issue at the beginning of a lesson will always feel much smaller by the end. She is very encouraging but can be firm but fair if required. We feel very lucky to have Harriet as our instructor!"

-Roz and Oliva Clarke

"My instructor Harriet helped me at a time when other instructors failed. She took me from a place where both my horse and I were tense and overriding to the point where we could not even canter in the school and if we did, we did a good impression of a motorbike! My dressage scores were consistently in the 50's. Harriet took us back to basics and took the pressure out of schooling. Crucially, Harriet rode my horse to see that actually the horse on board was very different to the horse on the ground and she was able to teach me to ride him accordingly. Within 12 months I had a softer, more rideable horse and achieved consistent scores of high 60's / low 70's. I was YDRC Winter Prelim Champion, placed in the Regional Team Quest finals and qualified for the BD Area Festivals after having the confidence to compete affiliated BD. Harriet's approach is not all about teaching me to ride me horse but also the advice on feeding, care and exercises away from my lessons. I will always be grateful to her for getting me out of my riding rut and back into having a successful partnership with my horse."

-Kate Jennings

"I simply don't have the words to do your teaching justice though Harriet. ... I came late to Horses and riding (aged 50, two years ago) and bought my horse unseen; he has proved to be more than a handful, but with Harriet’s guidance and support we are now a true partnership. I joined my local riding club York and District Riding Club and it was here, during an evening social meeting where Harriet gave a presentation on XCountry and Eventing to our newest members that I became hooked! She sowed the seed that has now taken me (in less than two years) from a simple 'happy hacking' rider to Chairman of my Riding Club and a wannabe eventer! Harriet has been, and still is, an inspiration and a tremendous supporter of grass roots riders as well as our more established teams. Harriet doesn’t simply 'teach' she inspires, pushes, supports and nurtures your passions as a rider to bring out the best in you. My first lesson 2 yrs ago was a lesson in how to stay on board as my horse was to put it mildly, “on one”. Despite this she helped me maintain my confidence and my desire to continue and today I now am looking forward to my first ODE and I compete at as many local events that we can make it to. I still continue my lessons with Harriet. Harriet took me for my first Show Jumping lesson and my first XC lesson, and as I progress in this discipline I hope she will be my guiding light and mentor for many years to come. She is a true inspiration and the perfect ambassador for the sport and I would not be doing this without the support and guidance of such a tremendously talented person."

-Dave Brackpool